Daniel Mills

About Me

My name is Daniel Mills, and I am a junior studying computer engineering at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

When I was 11, I was inspired to start programming after I saw my uncle programming video games as an independent developer. I thought I could learn to program and create video games myself, so I started learning JavaScript - one of two languages advertised for scripting in the Unity game engine at the time. I started to learn some Unity, but what I mostly worked on was building websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This was back when the HTML 5 spec was relatively new, so I had a lot of new toys to play with!

I took a Digital Electronics class in high school as part of the PLTW curriculum. I loved every minute of it, and found that Computer Engineering - as opposed to Computer Science - was my true passion. Something about the hands-on design felt more real to me than programming, and the logic behind circuits was truly fascinating.

Now I work on personal programming projects and study computer engineering courses at UAH. I am involved with the Reverse Engineering club and have contributed some challenges for others to complete. Due to my previous game development experience, I find myself as the current Vice President of the Game Development club.

My goal is to enter the tech industry and develop something worthwhile that makes a positive impact on people.

Written: 25 Oct. 2019 | Updated: 21 Oct. 2020